Restaurant Zwischenzeit is Now the Werkhof Restaurant

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Fresh New Look, Same Great Taste

Recently, a young woman standing in front of the restaurant in Schaufelder Straße asked: “What happened to the Zwischenzeit?”

“It’s still here,” one of our employees replied, “but...” “The old Zwischenzeit is now called the Werkhof Restaurant and got a little makeover. You’re still going to love the food, though. Would you like to see the menu?” It’s true—the restaurant really does look completely different nowadays. The aesthetic in our dining rooms is a unique blend of modern-design sensibilities with industrial heritage.

Sustainable From Day One

Our ambition heading into the renovations was to reinforce the three-decades-old Werkhof message and fine tune it for the present day. Quick flashback: The Werkhof project has been growing bit by bit since the late 80s. The factory in which the Hävemeier & Sander company used to build elevators was rehabilitated in an environmentally friendly way in 1988. Then as now, our mission was to build a business in harmony with nature. Quickly, tenants started moving into the buildings where the old shop floors used to be. We started converting the empty office space into classrooms for training staff. Day by day, Werkhof Hannover grew into a truly professional conference center. Then in 2000, Hotel Schlafgut opened its doors and was followed three years later by the Zwischenzeit restaurant. Something that a lot of folks aren’t aware of: these businesses are run by the same family.

Singular Vision—Singular Brand

We had a lot of fun with the creativity of the old name “Zwischenzeit” (Meantime) and it didn’t take long to catch on with guests and the Werkhof team alike. We needed a very good reason to even consider changing it. And we had one. When we think of what Werkhof Hannover is today and what we want it to be going forward, we envision one grand design that incorporates lodging, dining, and hosting conferences. We envision one place where you can come work, celebrate, enjoy yourself, and to stay the night. And we envision offering you all of this while remaining committed to sustainability and the common good. No caricatures, just common sense. Not restricting but enriching. This isn’t a trend—it’s who we’ve always been. Out of conviction. For over three decades.

We endeavor to make every Werkhof operation a place for good company. We believe strongly that this message is much more effective when it comes from a single source. Truth be told, we feel even more comfortable in our new skin than we did in the old. These days, we hardly even reminisce about the good-old Zwischenzeit anymore (well, not too often anyway). 

Still Mellow, Mouth Watering, and Charming

Since most people go out to restaurants because they want to eat well and receive courteous service in a pleasant setting, we should probably get you caught up on that part as well. Yes. It’s business as usual—but better. 

Executive Chef Jens Haucke and his team are here every night to deliver you dining delights guaranteed to be anything but basic. Experience ingenious dishes crafted from seasonal, fresh, regional ingredients. We’re always cooking up new vegetarian and vegan options for you as well. It has a newly-renovated dining area, patio seating in the green, a great selection of wines, and a friendly and attentive staff you say?  

That almost sounds too good to be true. I think I might have to go see for myself. Please do! We look forward to seeing you.