It’s Break Time!

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Clear Your Mind While Pleasing Your Palate

If you want to keep your mind sharp, concentrated, and bubbling with new ideas then it’s important to take breaks regularly.
The Roman poet Ovid is credited with telling us that they are the key to harvesting success. We at Werkhof Hannover believe that the best way for people to clear their minds is through a change of scenery. Or room in this case. That’s why we’ve developed an innovative rest-break concept designed to give you options beyond simply interrupting your meeting or seminar. Take the opportunity to meet other people, swap ideas, and gather fresh impetus.

Recharge and Relish

At the beginning of 2023, the Werkhof Restaurant launched our central beverage station. Now you can serve yourself from a selection of GEPA coffees, organic teas, juices, or mineral water in stylishly-modern industrial ambience before your event starts, during breaks, or anytime in between! Additional refreshments, including snacks and cakes, can be booked upon request. That way you have the option of stepping out and savoring a pick-me-up any time you want. Enjoy break-time together with good conversation and good company!

Fresh Air Means Fresh Inspiration

If you need a little fresh air you can take your drinks outside. Just head from the beverage station directly into our lush courtyard or over to the canopied area we lovingly refer to as “the greenhouse.” With comfortable seating everywhere, it’s easy to kick back and relax or get lost in conversation with the other guests. Who knows, perhaps the verdant setting even inspires your next great idea for a seminar.

Free Mind, Fresh Ideas, Fantastic Mood

At Werkhof Hannover, we believe that rest breaks are about more than just taking a little time out from your meeting or seminar. We view them as the perfect opportunity for building networks and taking in new ideas as well. We want you and your team to return to the meeting room in an excellent mood and ready to take on new challenges. That’s how you’ll get the most out of your event and how you can ensure that everything the participants learned really sticks.

Now you know what we mean by effective collaboration.