Hotel Schlafgut is Now the Werkhof Hotel

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Proven Quality Takes on a New Face

Our family-owned-and-operated hotel has been serving visitors in Hannover’s
Kniestraße 33 since 2000. Then as now, guests choose to book with us for all kinds of different
reasons. We receive people visiting the city for a weekend getaway or longer
vacation, business travelers, conference-center-event participants, and many
more. Regardless of what brings people to us the first time,
the Werkhof Hannover experience keeps them coming back. We have plenty of highly-satisfied regular guests
who would love to confirm.

Simpler, Cleaner, Modernized

Changing the name of the creatively-titled hotel schlafgut (“sleep well”) to
Werkhof Hotel was another momentous step in the rebranding process. Our objective was
to systematically streamline our presentation in order to strengthen
Werkhof Hannover’s brand as a first-class destination for
sustainable lodging, dining, and conferences.
Restaurant Zwischenzeit being renamed Werkhof Restaurant last year
was part of that effort as well. We’ve also taken advantage of this transformation
to reimagine our visual identity. You’ll find our updated corporate design gracing all-new
signs, labels, and printed materials. And the upgraded website, of
course. Progressive modernization projects across the complex also gave us
the opportunity to apply the new Werkhof color scheme everywhere.
We love how stylishly it emphasizes the industrial charm of the old factory buildings.

Sometimes More is Less

At Werkhof Hannover, these words describe a lot more than justour new
communication strategy. How we go about minimizing our environmental impact
has always been one of our deepest concerns. Reducing
water consumption by purifying rainwater. Emitting less Co2
by buying products that are regional, seasonal, and sustainable. Mitigating
the waste of energy by producing our own.
Our own energy is focused on the only thing that really matters: delivering our customers
the best service experience possible. It’s the one thing we promise you’ll never see us cutting back. Even less when
it comes to attentiveness and creativity. So please come join us at the Werkhof Hotel
in Hannover and “sleep well!” ;-)