Cleanliness Matters

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Werkhof Hannover rejects cleaning products, disinfectants, and detergents that leave everything spotless ostensibly, while making the world an even more polluted place in reality. That’s why we use natural cleaning products made by Sonett, who derive all of their surfactants from raw vegetable matter. We believe that sustainable cleaning means you have to treat the climate and environment well.

Founded in 1977, Sonett are pioneers in developing organic detergents and cleaning agents. The family business from Deggenhausen, Bavaria designs its products with the vital significance of water in mind. The importance of water actually underpins Sonett’s entire assortment of products. The company’s philosophy is built upon the core belief that water is the essence of all life. Consequently, Sonett treats polluting as little as possible and keeping water safe and clean as a fundamental responsibility. Sonett promotes the cleansing power of water—nature’s true, active detergent and cleaning agent—and creates a path for it to gently flow back into the cycle of life. That’s why they only use ingredients that are 100% biodegradable. All Sonett products are free of enzymes, preservatives, petrochemical surfactants, and synthetic fragrances and dyes. The olive oil, canola oil, and sunflower oil that Sonett uses comes from organic plantations, as does all of the coconut and palm fat.All of the natural essential oils they use are certified organic as well. Sonett helps foster the capacity of waste water to be reclaimed by including detergent additives prepared using an Oloid agitator. During manufacturing, the process water Sonett uses is swirled in 12 egg-shaped glass vessels, forming incredible vortexes.

The entire Sonett assortment of cleaning agents is NCP (Nature Care Product) certified while their body-care products carry the NCS (Natural Cosmetics Standard) label. NCP and NCS labels represent the highest standards achievable for organic detergents, cleaning agents, and natural cosmetics respectively and comply fully with BNN Assortment Guidelines (Bundesverband Naturkost und Naturwaren). In 2011, Sonett earned the STOP CLIMATE CHANGE “climate friendly” certification.

The company added the prestigious CSE label (Certified Sustainable Economics), awarded by the Society for Applied Business Ethics, in 2015.This label certifies entire organizations and not just individual products and services. CSE certification comprises ecological product requirements as well as the social and ethical stances companies take.