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The Innovative Solution for Your Meetings and Conferences

Cannyboard is revolutionising meetings and conferences with innovative technology. This digital solution offers everything groups need for successful meetings - regardless of whether they are held exclusively at Werkhof Hannover or in a hybrid format.

Digital Workspace for Any Team

The Sessionboard is a digital workspace designed specifically for group work and enables intuitive working in any room or group situation. All the necessary digital tools (such as screen sharing, flipchart, whiteboard or notes) are available here - familiar tools that can now be used digitally and with many new functions.

Collaborate in Real Time

The Sessionboard's touch display is 86 inches and offers 4K resolution. Multiple participants can work interactively at the same time (with up to 20 input points), write (with automatic pen recognition using the cannyboard pen) and work on the same result at the same time - be it by writing, tapping or swiping.

Flexible Teamwork

Cannyboard is a collaboration platform that provides everything needed for successful digital group work. The platform is cloud-based and can be accessed from anywhere. Collaboration is organised in sessions that allow for flexible working independent of time and space. The seamless digital workflow of cannyboard guarantees that content does not get lost through a change from digital to analogue. End devices can easily be connected to each other to actively contribute to group work. Sessions can also be shared with the team to enable real-time collaboration at different locations.

Working creatively and collaboratively will be easy and your meeting at Werkhof Hannover will be a productive group experience!

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