Service with Conviction

Werkhof Means Doing Business Sustainably

Our Philosophy Makes All the Difference

The words Werkhof Hannover refer to more than just our building complex or our fabulous 40-member team.

When we say Werkhof, we’re talking about a “good feeling.” We don’t really feel good, however, until everyone who walks through our doors has had the opportunity to experience and appreciate our mission and make their own invigorating contribution.

Our Mission

Sure, it might sound a little presumptuous but we honestly mean it: “Every day, we strive to make the world a little bit better place for all of our guests and staff.”

That includes conjuring up gourmet delectables in our kitchen and fulfilling all of your wishes with our highly-attentive, first-class service. We endeavor to make every special event and every moment spent at Werkhof Hannover truly memorable.

Connected by the Common Good

We see the Werkhof as more than merely a place you come when you’re looking for incredible hospitality and an extraordinary range of services. We’re here to inspire you to do “good things” and provide a place for you to do them.

We aim to provide a space where you can innovate sustainable practices, apply them, and share them—all in “good company.” These guiding principles are at the core of everything the Werkhof family does and shine through in defining details.

Our Origin

The Hävemeier & Sander company manufactured elevators on the Werkhof site well into the 1980s. Upon acquiring the plant, the old shop floors were renovated in a manner that was exemplary both in terms of environmental consciousness and aesthetic execution.

Whether you look at our verdant courtyards and roofs, our use of rainwater to flush lavatories, or our power and heating self-sufficiency: it’s not hard to find evidence of our commitment to sustainability when you look across our 75,000 sq. ft. property.